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Merendino Cemetery Care to attend NYC Pre-Memorial Day Veteran Hiring Event, Hiring Veterans in the NY, NJ, IL, WI and PA areas.

LINDEN, NJ- On Tuesday, May 24th, Merendino Cemetery Care will attend a NYC military veteran hiring event, partnering  with Recruit Military (Loveland, OH)  to hire veterans for open positions at the East Coast and the Midwest company locations. 

Merendino Founder, Gino Merendino is excited about what veterans have brought to his organization, “We’ve been really impressed.  Veterans bring with them a certain work ethic, drive and esprit de corps that is hard to match.  We are fortunate to be growing at a rate that allows us to continue to hire veterans.  We won’t be putting on the brakes any time soon.”

“The veterans’ transition situation is unique on both sides of the interview table.  Veterans and employees alike must do their homework to better understand each other’s perspective and to find a good fit,” comments Marcea Weiss Midwest Branch Manager for Merendino Cemetery Care.  “For many, this can be quite a challenge.”

Merendino employee and Marine Corps veteran, Tom Hernandez has this advice to offer transitioning veterans, “Keep an open mind.  Sometimes the best opportunities are not the first names that come to your mind.   Look for a company that shows commitment to your development that has an idea of what to expect from a veteran candidate.”

Lee Kelley, Merendino employee and Army veteran agrees.  “For me, the decision really boiled down to vision.  Who did I think would allow me to best utilize the diverse skill set that I gained in the military and who best  understood what I could do for their company.”

Merendino Cemetery Care will be handing out copies of, Leaving the Military; Your Deployment Guide to Corporate America to veterans who stop by their booth during the show.  Written by Marcea after her own military transition experience, the guide offers advice to veterans, encouraging them to think back upon their best days in the military and to use that as a template for success in civilian life. 

During a military transition, challenges on both sides of the recruitment table can be anticipated and affected. 
Common challenges on the veteran side include:

  • Identifying position and industry-specific career goals
  • Learning to speak the language of corporate America
  • Re-creating a military-like structured environment with goals, timeline and follow up
  • Preparing a resume and interview wardrobe
  • Translating military experience into words and examples that the interviewing team will understand

Common challenges on the employer side:

  • Understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses common to veteran candidates
  • Overcoming pre-conceived ideas about veteran candidates
  • Putting together a unique and catered plan to develop veterans, or “onboarding”
  • Developing an ability to “meet veteran candidates in the middle” by gaining empathy and insight into the transitioning veteran’s perspective           

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